Friday, May 25, 2018

Therapy Dogs De-Stressing Students at the University

Chou Chou Briard has been going to the university with me since she was just a few months old. She hid under my desk during my office hours and popped up ("surprise!") when a student came in. Now she goes back as a therapy dog to de-stress students before exams. 

This May, Chou Chou and other Love On A Leash therapy dogs went to the main campus in the morning and at night we went to the dorms. The students thank me for coming; they say they feel less stress after they play with the pups. I am honest: I tell them I used to give them the exams... I was their stressor. They laugh and tell me it's okay because I bring Chou Chou now, as my atonement. 

Chou Chou's library buddy, Melinda, was there. 

And Expresso, the first Love On A Leash dog Chou Chou met. Here is a nice photo of Expresso... and Chou Chou! 

A student took a selfie with Chou Chou and sent it to me for this blog. They look so happy!

At night, the dogs wandered around the outside quad of the new dorms. Students gathered to pet the dogs. Some had skateboards, and Chou used to be afraid of those. But not this time. And then, she started staring straight ahead, oblivious to the students around her and to the other dogs. I looked where she was looking. 

wild turkey was wandering by. The students said that there were six of them that hung around the dorms. But we only saw one. ("One was good enough!")  The bird kept walking, into a field nearby. Nothing wrong with Chou Chou's eyesight (or was it sense of smell?); she just kept her eyes on that bird, for 30 minutes, until it was time to go home. 

And then, time to eat: a fresh package of... turkey dinner!

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