Saturday, May 5, 2018

Chou Chou Dines Out at Lazy Dog Restaurant

Chou Chou and her Cavalier King Charles friends -- Melinda, Candy, and Tony -- went out for Sunday brunch at Lazy Dog Restaurant. They have a patio where dogs can sit. That's nothing unusual. But this restaurant caters to dogs, literally!

I had delicious bananas foster French toast. But Chou Chou's meal was much healthier. 

She dined on a bed of rice covered with chunks of chicken, and peas, with a bowl of water. The pups waited patiently for their meals under the table.

When the meals arrived, the dogs were not patient. They tore into their lunches with gusto. The water splashed and the rice went flying all over the floor. It looked like little children had a food fight. 

After the meal, the 4 happy friends posed for photos outside. 

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