Monday, January 2, 2017

Chou Chou Briard Voted For Change

("I voted. But I didn't vote the way you think I did. I usually vote for all Briards, up and down the ballot. But this time, I wanted a change candidate! There are too many Briards are out of work!")

("I have a job. I am a therapy dog! I am learning agility, too.") 

("But what about the loss of all the sheep farms in the Midwest? Briards just sitting around, waiting for herding to come back...") 

("I am afraid of sheep. I am not embarrassed to admit it! I went to a petting zoo in  a park and saw them. I wanted to like them. But when they came to look at me, they were just so big!")

(" So here I am, backing away! As fast as I can!
I liked the baby goat. But I digress.")

("Another issue for my vote was immigration. That's a big word for a puppy! I am an immigrant, born in Canada. My parents are from the Czech Republic. I came legally on a plane with my CKC papers. Later I became an AKC American. Lots of my Briard friends were not born in the United States. They should be welcomed!")

("I am also for Planned Puppyhood clinics. But Spaying and neutering should be a choice!")

("Health insurance! Big issue! I have pet insurance, but not all dogs can afford it. I think it should be free!")

("All puppies should have free puppy kindergarten! If you want us to be canine good citizens, teach us manners.")

("And not all dog food is safe! Somebody should do something about that! Clean water, too! And lots of  treats!")

("So this year I wanted change. 
I was tired of all the male Briards running our Briard club. 
What's with that?")

("I looked around and found the perfect change candidate! Smart, cute, no experience running anything.")

("Yes, I voted for my friend, GigiPuss O'Keefe!")

*     *    *     *     *

Gigi's Photo by Deborah Klenzman Carlson, Progressive Portraits

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