Saturday, August 27, 2016

Chou Chou's New Neighbor

A new business just opened across the street from my house: Healthy Hounds Kitchen. They cook only for dogs! Chou Chou had to go and see. 

Chou Chou and I walked over to check it out. On one wall there are shelves of treats ("and toys!") -- like sweet potato chips -- all made for the dogs in this kitchen. And it is a real kitchen, not just a store. Behind the counter you see the food being prepared. 

Opposite the wall with the treats are the freezers. There are several varieties of dog food, and a menu of ingredients on top. 

("This is a kitchen and store for take-out, doggy bags! 
It is not a restaurant and puppies do not eat here. 
But we can visit and pick out treats to try!")

("This looks very good! I like it here!
I have to decide what I like best!")

I decided to try a bag of the chicken recipe. Chou Chou and I took it home and let it thaw. It was in a sealed bag but her nose knew it was good before I opened it. I put half of it in her bowl. You can see some cranberries, carrots and chunks of chicken. 

I think she liked it. 

("That was very tasty! 
Why is the other half in the refrigerator and not in my bowl? 
Can I try the turkey tomorrow? 
Can we go back and buy bigger bags? 
That is my new favorite place!")

*     *     *     *     *

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