Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Trip Without Chou Chou

Chou Chou is sleeping. She doesn't know I am leaving for a few days. I will be gone 4 days, visiting family. Debbie is her long-time sitter who will care for her and sleep over each night. Everything will be fine, but I worry.

Debbie will carefully feed Chou so she doesn't get reflux. Chou Chou will go running with her dog walker when I am gone, too.  I am getting on the plane. I am worried.

Will her health be okay? Will she mope? Maybe I shouldn't go. But I owe my family a visit. They've been coming to me and it's long overdue for my turn to travel. I just hate leaving. 

Brandy will be fine and have her almond treats and blueberries. Tortellini will get his baths and walks on the grass. But Chou Chou? Preparing the Honest Kitchen food to just the right consistency to slide down her esophagus; the supplements that are spaced with the 3 feedings; the routine on the staircase; all the aspects of managing canine hiatal hernia. I am worried.

The plane trip goes well and it's wonderful to see my family. I am distracted and let go of Sacramento. Did her run go okay, with the dog walker connecting with Debbie? A photo arrived from Anastassia, the dog walker also known as Chou Chou's Personal Trainer.

Oh, she looks happy! That's a relief.

But the next day I am back in worry mode. How is Debbie doing? Another photo arrives. Chou is playing with Deb in the yard. Aw, I am not there to fix her hair. But she looks happy!

I visit the zoo with the toddlers, we go for ice cream, I go to see one of the girls play soccer and listen to the other play violin. We spend a long afternoon in a science museum. It's just a long weekend and time is going by fast. I will be home before I know it. I am just starting to relax and trust that I am replaceable at home for a few days.

Chou Chou is fine. Probably didn't even miss me. 

("It's hard having a pawrent who worries all the time!")

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