Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Birthday Party For Chou Chou Briard

Chou Chou is 5! ("What will we do for my birthday?")

Puppies grow up so fast! She came to me at 8 weeks old, after a flight from Canada to California, wearing a little yellow collar. 

Briard puppies look very different from adult briards. ("Of course we do! Our hair is shorter!") 

I first met her in a photo. That was it. Love. That was my puppy, looking at me.  Chou Chou was a gift from my mom.

And through the years, we've traveled, entered dog shows, taken obedience training ("And Tricks Class!"), fought through illnesses, suffered through her adolescence ("Can you take that out of my blog?!"), enjoyed swimming and kayaking, playing with Toffee and all Chou's favorite people, even chasing away a raccoon. And so much more! I've filled this blog with her accomplishments and her antics. 

For her 5th birthday, it was a therapy dog library day; so we had a party with the other therapy dogs and the children who came to read to Chou Chou. ("My fan club!")

Each dog got a special treat,  and Chou Chou wore a Happy Birthday crown ("Just until I could shake it off!").

We had a toy birthday cake that played the Happy Birthday song. 
("Over and over and over! The boys kept winding it!")

Chou Chou went home to take a nap and have a snack. Then, off to agility class! She is a beginner and doesn't know what to do yet. 

 ("I wait for my teacher to show me! I am a patient puppy!")

One more thing: Chou Chou's birthday present. 
("A new table for my food and water! 
Love the little tiles! Love the food more!")

Happy Birthday, Chou Chou Briard!
("Now I am 5!")

*     *     *     *     *

Custom feeding table by Nancy DeYoung

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