Friday, December 11, 2015

Into the Woods With Chou Chou Briard

Thanksgiving weekend, we took a ride to a redwood forest in Marin, California.  Only one problem....

It seemed like a good idea. Sunshine, beautiful trees, clean air, a walk in nature with my family and Chou Chou. A perfect briard adventure.

When I think of giant redwoods, 
I think about their height, 
looking up at them.

    I didn't think about 
what was on the ground. 

See all those barbed pine needles? See that long hair? Chou Chou sitting in the needles? 

First, the needles stuck to the hair on her paws and legs. She sat, and then they were on her rear and tail ("Very icky! I rolled over to reach my tail and chew them out!")  Then she rolled on her back... yes, very icky, Chou Chou!

So she sat on a park bench while three of us gently pulled the pine needles from her coat. She was covered with them. We got them out, with patience. ("I was a very patient puppy while you pulled my hair!")

But then what? If she got off the bench, she'd get more pine needles in her hair. What to do? ("Time for a water break!") 

My son-in-law, with great kindness and gallantry, picked her up, arms under her stomach, and carried her out of the forest to the car. ("My legs were dangle-y! A little scary!")

I drove home, 2 hours.  And that was the end of this briard adventure! ("Next time let's go someplace else!")

*     *     *     *     *

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