Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What's New, Chou Chou?

What's new, Chou Chou? She's traveling around in her new taxi, earning titles as a therapy dog, and  running in the rain:

After 4 years of drought, it was nice to finally see some rain. Rain is messy for a long-haired dog, but Chou Chou enjoys her soggy running with her dog walker. She has a raincoat, and she doesn't mind wearing it ("I mind it very much when the hood falls over my eyes! And why is Brandy cockatoo photobombing my picture? ")

("I took the hood off my head all by myself! 
I am a clever puppy!")

When she comes home, I rinse her paws with a hose to get most of the mud off, then pat-dry with a towel before she comes inside. What a mess! ("But I am getting good exercise!") Then I pick the remaining sticks and leaves out of her hair on her paws and legs. ('Hate those prickly little sticks!") Then I clean the floor.  Later, when she's dry, I do a thorough brushing and combing. Before her therapy dog work, she always gets a bath. 

The Briard Club of America recently presented Chou Chou with a brass plaque in honor of earning her AKC Therapy Dog title in 2014. Next year, she will get a second plaque in honor of her 2015 title: Advanced Therapy Dog, for completing more than 100 therapy dog visits. ("Did you notice that the awards seem to be a year behind? It's okay! Love the plaque!")

There are some days when I have work to do.  It can't be all Chou Chou all the time. Sometimes she has to hang out and wait for my attention. ("I wait forlornly at the top of the stairs. So sad!")

("And I listen until... okay! It's my turn!")

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