Saturday, October 24, 2015

Chou Chou Briard & Another Dead Body?

Chou Chou! What's going on? Murder and mayhem seem to be following you. First the body in the pond near our house, and now this.

It was an agility class evening. I called the teacher to say we'd be there a little early, to practice. "Okay," she said with some hesitation, "But I should warn you that there are police cars blocking my street. The shooting is over, the gunman is dead, so don't worry."

Oh!  ("No worries! I handle crime scenes really well!")

According to the media accounts and my agility teacher, a sheriff was pulling a car over for an expired registration sticker, but the driver took off at high speed. Right at the corner where my teacher and her agility course are located, the driver stopped, got out of his car, and using his vehicle for cover, pulled out a gun and started firing at the officers who had arrived at the scene. Neighbors said they heard about 30 shots. The officers are okay; the gunman was killed. 

That was in the afternoon but the police cars and media vans were still blocking the road when we arrived at 6 pm, and all cars were being diverted down a side street.

Since this was across the street from my teacher's home, the rerouting made getting to our agility lesson a challenge. Good thing we arrived early. ("So exciting for a puppy like me!")

Once we arrived, all seemed calm. Chou Chou is learning to go over three jumps in a row. I am learning how to stand to direct her properly. It's a large course, with lots of running.  ("So much fun!")  

We certainly had unexpected excitement tonight! 
("And I haven't even solved the McKinley pond case yet!") 
("I am not a suspect!") 

*     *     *     *     *

Chou Chou photo by Janet Smith
blocked street photo by Sheriff's Department,  Capital Public Radio   

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