Tuesday, August 25, 2015

An Unexpected Award

Chou Chou went to the library today for her therapy dog shift. The cutest little girl read to her. 

At night, I received an unexpected note by email: Chou Chou was being honored with an award!

I thought the note was a mistake. Maybe it was sent to all Briard Club of America members and it didn't apply to me? 

I am preparing awards for 2014. Your dog is a title recipient.  Congratulations on the work you and your dog have done together!!!

Would you like a title plaque prepared.  The BCA foots the cost?

If so, will you be at the National to receive it?  If not, are you willing to pay $5.95 for flat rate shipping of your plaque?

Please advise soon:)
Awards Chair

So I wrote back and asked. It wasn't a mistake. Chou Chou is being presented with an award at the National Briard Specialty Show in Pennsylvania. This honor, from the Briard Club of America, celebrates her therapy dog work! She earned the AKC title ThD last year, for completing more than 50 therapy dog service hours. 

What a great surprise! I will post a photo of the plaque when it arrives.

("Oui! I have a ThD now! I am Dr. Chou Chou!")

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Ingrid and Dean said...

THAT IS AWESOME CHOU CHOU!I'm so very proud of you and I'm sure Mommy is too!😃😙😙😙💓

Ingrid and Dean said...

I'm so proud of you CHOU CHOU! 😃I'm sure mommy is too!😙😙😙😙😙😙💓