Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Therapy Dog Chou Chou -- What Kids Say at the Library

Overheard at the therapy dog library visit, Read to a Dog, with Chou Chou:

Little girl with dandelion: "Mommy! The dog is trying to eat my flower! No, puppy! It's mine!"

Girl, 8 years old: "This book is long. But I can start it now and
         come back next month and finish it for you."

Another little girl: "Why does she have a princess crown?"
Girl's mom: "To keep the hair out of her eyes. She can't tuck 
       her hair behind her ears like you can."

A mom: "Are these dogs for sale? Can I buy her?"

Young boy: "I want to read to that dog but there's someone
        else there."
His mom: "That's okay. Go on. You can read to her, too. She
        has two ears."

Another boy: "I like to read!"
His mom: "Well, not so much. Maybe sometimes you do."

Two sisters talking: "This dog has nice white teeth. But I
         don't like being licked."

A small boy: "Does she have ears? Where are they?"

Little girl: "I don't want to read. But can I braid her hair?"

An older brother: "We have a dog at home. He sheds a lot!
          And he won't let us read to him."

Young boy: "Did you get here in a car? This dog fits in a car?"

Chou Chou is stretched out on the rug, sleeping. A mom picks
          up her paw and then lets it drop. No reaction from
          Chou Chou: "Is your dog okay?"
Me: "Yes. Her ears were itchy and her nose was runny, so I
          gave her some Benadryl. She's fine."
("I'm taking a nap! What's wrong with that?")

*     *     *     *     *

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