Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Getting Ready for the Dog Show!

("I bet you think I sit around all day on an antique velvet French couch, don't you?") 

("No, I don't!")

("And you think I spend  the rest of my time sitting around in libraries to read with the children?")

("Oui! I do! I am a proud therapy dog!")

("But I also play outside a lot, and  I run around the park. I go to physical therapy once a week to strengthen my muscles so that hip dysplasia won't bother me!")

("I have friends who visit me to play, or I visit them. Some are pups like me, and some humans, too!")

("I can't go food shopping, so sometimes I have to stay home by myself -- that's so sad! But I do take rides in the car. My favorite place to go is the dry cleaners! They always give me tasty treats!")

("And now and then, I go to a dog show! We have to drive a long way to find shows with briards. That's okay! I like the hotels where I can sleep on the bed! I can't do that at home... but I love my own bed, so that's okay!") 

("So it's almost dog show time! On July 2, I am going to Ventura, California! I've been there before. Sometimes I win, sometimes not. But I have fun! My handler has the most tasty treats! And I always get a new leash, too!")

("I will let you know about the show when I get home! I am excited!")

*     *     *     *     *

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