Thursday, May 21, 2015

May is Therapy Dog Month

So many activities this week! 

On Tuesday, Chou Chou had a therapy dog shift at the library, with 3 other dogs and lots of children.

On Wednesday, the two little girls came to visit, ages 3 and 5. They stayed almost a week. When Chou Chou sat in her downstairs resting bed, or upstairs in her sleeping bed, the toddlers sat on her bed, too. 

("I shouldn't have to share! I got squashed"). Chou Chou was very patient, even when the toddlers were very loud! When she'd had enough, she just got up and left the room ("That didn't work! They followed and kept hugging!").   

On Thursday, we had another dog therapy shift. We visited the university before final exams, to de-stress students. Our library visits are one hour shifts, but this event was 3 hours -- challenging for the pups, but they were all very well-behaved. ("Of course! We are professionals!")

Representatives from the counseling center were there, offering games, coloring books, candy, and information about depression. ("I want a coloring book, too!")

There were 9 dogs.  Sometimes our area was so crowded that Chou Chou had to stand so her tail wouldn't get stepped on. ("Lots of hugs and lots of messing up my hair! Lots of noise and confusion! I de-stress them, but who will de-stress me?")

The students were very grateful we were there and said they felt less stressed after petting the dogs. They thanked me for coming.  I laughed; I told them I was a professor there until recently and through all my years of teaching, nobody ever thanked me for coming. That's because I gave the exams -- I was their stressor! They told me that coming back to the campus with Chou Chou was my atonement, and they forgave me. 

And as always, walks with me, running with the dog walker, underwater treadmill at U. C. Davis, brushing, a bath... it's all Chou Chou all the time! ("Oui! But what else would you want to do?")

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