Saturday, May 30, 2015

Chou Chou Briard at the High School

As a therapy dog, Chou Chou has gone to libraries for children's "read to a dog" programs, to nursing homes, to the university, and to 5th grade after-school  programs teaching about dog safety.

A few days ago, we went with our fellow therapy dogs to a high school to de-stress the teenagers before their exams.

It was an outdoor event -- the school did not allow the dogs to go inside -- and it was a warm day. But we sat under a canopy, with lots of water for both of us, and we were fine for the hour.

At 3:07 pm, the students ran out! There were 8 dogs, and  maybe 100 students who went from one dog to another, petting each and taking selfies. They had different breeds to choose from, including Golden Retrievers, Labradors, an Australian Shepherd, a small Pomeranian and a very large Great Pyrenees. ("When they came to me, they all said,  'Awww... how cute!' I like high school!")

Chou Chou was as popular with the boys as with the girls. Of course they asked me what kind of dog she was. And a few wanted to braid Chou Chou's hair. ("Not a good idea, I think!")

The event was a success. The students and teachers reported that the dogs had indeed relaxed them; they thanked us for coming and invited us to come back next year. 

A rare sighting for adults: many grateful teenagers!

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