Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hanging Out at the Sacramento Dog Show

Chou Chou has been in dog shows and won some beautiful ribbons, but I wouldn't call her a show dog. We don't enter very often. 

The Sacramento Kennel Club Dog Show is held just a few miles from my home. Chou Chou has been shown there. But it's more fun to hang out with the handlers, breeders, owners and dogs without the stress of competition. Oh, and the shopping at dog shows is great!

There are specialty items you won't find anywhere except at the dog shows: grooming products, soft leather leashes and collars in many colors, and all kinds of objects featuring specific breeds (breed leash hangers, breed clocks, breed jewelry for women, etc.). The vendors go from show to show, so I'm familiar with many of them. 

There was one vendor at this show whom I've never seen before. She was selling beaded dog collars. They are exquisite, but a little too expensive for me to buy ("Next time you will buy for me!") 

The beaded collars can be custom-made to your dog's size, preferred bead colors, and design choices. They all have strong loops to hook on a leash. Oh, and the artist sells beaded leashes, too.

Some collars were for small dogs, but they had Chou Chou's size, too. The artist let Chou Chou try them on:

Hmmm... Now that I look at them again, I am really tempted to splurge and buy one. ("Oui! It's just a matter of time before I have one of my own!")

But where would Chou Chou wear such a fancy piece of jewelry?  ("I go walking in the park! Perfect! I will choose my bead colors right now!")

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