Thursday, March 12, 2015

So A Briard Walks Into A Bank

The manager at my credit union likes dogs and invited Chou Chou Briard to visit anytime. I had several checks to deposit, so yesterday I took my pup for her first visit to a bank.

How would this go? I didn't know.

In new situations, sometimes she yanks on her leash, pulling me over to anyone who seems friendly. This is her training as a therapy dog -- she eagerly greets people.

But this was a bank. I was prepared to hold on and keep her by my side. As it turned out, she was very well-behaved and sat patiently next to me while I waited in line. ("My own pawrent doubts me? I'm insulted!")

She often likes to stand up on counter tops to look for treats. ("Many counters in my adventures have people giving treats! Love going to the cleaners!") Would she try this at the bank? ("Not this time! I wasn't hungry!")

We greeted the manager, who thanked Chou Chou for coming. Then we went to the window to deposit the checks. ("It's my money!")

I had my state and federal tax refunds, and a pet insurance reimbursement. ("Oui! My money!") Chou Chou had dental bills recently ("I lost my tooth!") and is having Adequan and laser therapy for hip dysplasia. This is all very expensive, and I am grateful that some of it comes back to me through insurance. ("No, no! It's mine!")

As I stood at the counter signing the checks, I felt a tug on the leash. I turned as Chou Chou pulled. A woman nearby looked surprised: "I said to my friend that the dog was beautiful and your dog turned around. Does she understand what I said?"  ("Oui! Lots of people say I am beautiful!") 

I finished depositing the checks, taking some cash ("For new treats and hair bows!") and on the way out,  Chou Chou greeted the people who wanted to pet her. ("I was doing my therapy dog routine and making people happy!") 

The reimbursements from pet insurance are recycled into future physical therapy expenses for Chou Chou. ("Can pawrents be trusted with puppy money? I want my own savings account!") 

*     *     *     *     *

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