Tuesday, February 3, 2015

It's National Pet Dental Health Month

Chou Chou likes having her teeth brushed, which is very good because they are brushed almost daily. 

Just one problem....

The toothpaste is vanilla mint flavored. The company also makes a poultry flavor, but who wants their dog's breath to smell like a chicken?

I also have a dental gel that I squish into her mouth after the brushing. I don't know what flavor it is, ("It's a pretty blue!") but she seems to like that, too. ("Oui! I am a cooperative puppy!")

This is National Pet Dental Health Month. Two weeks ago, I took Chou Chou to her veterinarian for a check of her teeth. I have been doing a good job of keeping them clean. No tartar! ("I have nice white teeth!")

But here's the problem: 

Chou Chou had a hip x-ray last week. While she was sedated, the vet took a closer look at her teeth and found a cracked tooth. I just learned this today. It's possible she broke it while chewing a hard toy, but the vet said it is most likely she hit it on something. I don't know what happened. ("You could ask me! I might tell you!")

Her vet does a lot of dental procedures; she told me that the tooth is broken to the root and Chou needs an extraction or a root canal. ("So sad!")

One other option is to get it capped, but I'd have to go to U.C. Davis for that; I will make an appointment for a dental consultation. ("Just pick the least ouchy way!") 

So be sure to brush your dog's teeth daily. But also have  the teeth checked by a veterinarian now and then. There are worse things than tartar! ("Bad things happen to good puppies!")

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