Saturday, February 7, 2015

Chou Chou Therapy Dog at the Library

Today was a library day. Chou Chou participated in one of her "Read to a Dog" therapy dog visits. Children who  lack confidence in their reading skills  practice by reading to nonjudgmental dogs.

But first, yesterday, Chou Chou had to get ready with a bath, then  brushing, and drying with a dog hair dryer.

There were a lot of children at the library this time. A teacher gave out flyers to her students to promote the Read to a Dog program. As the children rushed in, they pointed to Chou Chou across the room: "Look! There's Chou Chou!"

How did they know her name? One of the other therapy dog volunteers told me, "She's famous now. She's on the poster." I hadn't seen it. 

A couple weeks earlier, I sent a photo to the librarian with the caption, "No children? No problem! Chou Chou can read to herself!" 

And she made it into a poster, in the library lobby, and the flyers that the teacher gave to her students. ("Look! I'm a poster!")

So Chou Chou was very popular. ("Oui! The girls liked my new Mini Mouse bow!")

("This was a good book with lots of nice pictures!")

("I am a happy therapy puppy!")

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