Monday, January 26, 2015

Chou Chou Tries to Herd Chickens

Chou Chou went to play in the neighborhood schoolyard with her BFF, Toffee. After school hours, the school allows the dogs to be off-leash. Today, she found a surprise.

The two pups have been playing together since they were a year old. She jumps and prances for joy when she sees him. He used to like to wrestle with her, but not lately. Nothing happened between them; he's just become a more serious guy. When she's too exuberant for him, he hides behind Mary. ("So sad!")

On this day, while following Toffee as he walked around the large playground, she discovered the chickens. She's never seen chickens before. ("New fun for a French herding dog!")

But when Toffee called, she went running after him. ("I will go back again! I will catch those little birdies next time!")

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