Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Chou Chou the Therapy Dog: In the Library

Chou Chou has her AKC Therapy Dog title now -- that means she has accomplished more than 50 therapy visits -- but she can still getting herself in trouble.

She is supposed to sit on a cushion, or a fluffy rug I bring from home, and wait for the children to read to her, but she doesn't want to stay still. 

The other 3 dogs today sat nicely (or in the case of the labrador retriever, fell asleep), but not my pup. She got into her prettiest puppy bow, wagged her tail up high, and barked at the lab -- her invitation to play. But it's a library, she's a working therapy dog, and the children would come in at any minute. She has to use her soft library voice. Shhhh!

She went back to her sit and the kids came in. A boy sat and started his book. Chou Chou is attentive. She interacts. Just when you think she's sleeping, out goes the paw onto his leg. 

For children who are standing up, she sniffs them all over, gives her paw, or may lick their jacket. The children laugh. One boy rolled on the floor ("Finally someone wants to play!") and Chou Chou licked his face. He giggled. But she is not supposed to do things like that! I pulled her back to her place. ("My pawrent is so mean!")

Always the center of attention, she wants to be included, and if she's not, well, she'll push her way in, anyway. ("Photobomb!")   

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