Monday, October 27, 2014

Chou Chou Therapy Dog Gets Ready for Halloween

("This was my Halloween costume last year. I was a butterfly! You will see this year's costume soon -- it's perfect for me!")

("I have been wearing my new costume for therapy dog visits, so children will smile.") 

("Yesterday I went to see my vet -- she's my friend -- just to cheer her up. Her puppy died in a accident while she was at work, and she's very sad. Even vets need cheering up sometimes! When she saw me in my costume, she laughed. That's why therapy dogs are special!")

("Today was a library day! I went with 3 other therapy dog teams for the Read To A Dog program. Lots of children came to the library to read to us. There were 6 children reading to me -- I was very popular today in my costume!")

("No, this is not my Halloween costume, either. This is one of my favorite hats! The big flower matches my tongue. It was made just for me. I call it my chapeau magnifique, because briards are French. But I don't wear it for therapy visits. Too frou-frou!")

("For outside therapy dog visits, at the university, 
I wear my beret. It's très chic! And warm in winter!")

("Tomorrow is a Paws to Read therapy dog shift at another library. There are children who come every month just to  read to me! They will be so surprised when they see my costume!")

("I will post pictures of me in my new costume soon! Don't you love surprises?")

*     *     *     *     *

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