Friday, May 30, 2014

Chou Chou Briard, "Stalker!"

On summer evenings, the neighborhood dogs are allowed to play off leash in the local schoolyard. On this night, Toffee and Chou have arranged a play date; and Toffee is the only dog  in the yard when Chou Chou enters. 

Normally, he spots her and they have a standoff, staring at each other, without moving, until they suddenly race forward to greet each other and run and play. It reminds me of the old Westerns where the cowboys stare each other down and then, suddenly, they draw their guns and fire. 

On this night, he is busy when she enters. He is sniffing something he likes and is preoccupied. So Chou Chou does her standoff by herself! She creeps up, slowly, slowly, pauses perfectly still a couple of times, and then action!

*     *     *     *     *

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