Monday, April 7, 2014

Today Chou Chou Is 3!

Happy Birthday, Chou Chou Briard! 
How did you spend your special day?

("I woke up early,  fixed my hair, then
 went down to the kitchen to wait for breakfast.")


("I enjoyed my usual food very much! But when will my party begin? The hair on my ears gets into my food bowl sometimes. Hate that!")


("After I ate, I brushed my teeth! I like the toothpaste. Very tasty vanilla mint! But this brush is meh. I liked my old blue one better!")

("Then my party day started! I went outside! And I saw the most wonderful thing! A big treat for me! My pawrent unwrapped it and put it on the porch for me to see. Ha! Did she think I was going to wait? Not Moi!")

("I lunged and grabbed it! I took a big bite -- but it didn't break! Very hard. Stale? Why was she trying to take it away? Was it not for me? Am I not the birthday girl?") 

I bit down hard and put up a good fight! But she pried my tooth out and got it. So sad!")

("I thought if I fussed, things would get worse for me. So I sat! Pawrents always like when you sit and look at them! And my plan worked! She gave me a big piece to eat! Then I searched for little crumbs!")

("When I was sure I ate them all, it was time for dessert -- a tasty stick! I love to go outside after a windy day, when there are big sticks to eat! ")

("I waited to see who would come to visit for my birthday! Where is Toffee?")

("No Toffee. So sad! Then inside, I saw that lots and lots of my Facebook furiends wished me a happy birthday -- in many languages with nice pictures! I had to write back and thank them. That took a lot of time.")

("And look! Toffee sent me a card and a bag of presents! 
I explored the bag: tasty treats in the best flavors! 
Such a thoughtful BFF!") 

("My pawrent said we could go visit Toffee! Yay! Happy dance! But I had to take part of my big bone treat to give to him. I had to share. Why is that? So sad!")

("And more sad! My pawrent wanted me to wear a goofy birthday hat! I like my beret, but I am embarrassed to visit Toffee in this hat! Isn't sharing my treat good enough? Where did she get this thing? I moped, but she didn't take it off.") 

("So I got in the car and we went to visit Toffee! I handed my gift to Mary. Toff likes it! And he didn't laugh at my hat!")

("By the end of the day, I had lots of new treats and lots of new toys! I am a happy puppy! But I was tired. Even my candles were tired! Being a 3 year old is hard work, I think!") 

*     *     *     *     *


Anonymous said...

Ton chapeau d'anniversaire te va bien, mais ton beret te va mieux. Qu'est-ce que Toffee a apporté?

Ton anniversaire était bien amusant!

Madame Kor

Chou Chou said...

Madam Kor,