Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Chou Chou Does Pilates?

My Pilates teacher sold her business and moved away, so my friends and I had to find new classes. We chose a studio, not too far away, that meets Monday evenings; our other class used to be on Wednesdays. That's how Chou Chou wound up in Pilates class.

I put Chou in the car to go visit my mom. Almost there, I realized it was Monday evening -- my new Pilates night. The class had started without me, but I decided to go anyway, and turned the car around. There was no time to bring Chou Chou home if I wanted to get to the remainder of the class; she came with me.

The teacher was a dog lover and had brought her shiba inu to class once. She wouldn't mind if Chou came. ("You didn't ask me if I minded going!")

Walking in half an hour late to a 60 minutes class, with a large puppy, was a grand entrance. Our teacher said, "Just leave her loose; she won't bother anything." I dropped the leash and Chou Chou immediately went to my friend, lying down on the Reformer, and licked her face. So never mind "leave her loose." I tied the leash to a bar on the other side of the room ("What did I do wrong?") and I began my exercises. 

Chou was good. She whimpered a little ("I wanted to be closer to you!"), but then she sat down and watched us quietly. 

At the end of the class, I untied her and let her explore. She raced around the studio, leaving me with blurry pictures.

("I did not like that thing! It looked just like my dreaded treadmill -- the one you sold because I wouldn't go near it! I am not a Pilates girl! Next week I stay home!")

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