Friday, March 21, 2014

Chou Chou Takes the Cake!

We had a special birthday party for my mom. Family and friends came to celebrate with her, in a nursing rehab facility. Chou Chou Briard attended, too, and quickly got into trouble!

I brought a wonderful cake: buttercream frosting on a chocolate cake with raspberry filling. I unpacked it from the box and took a photo. Then we carried it out to the patio for the party and set it on the table... which was puppy-nose-high. Oops.

Unexpectedly, Chou Chou tugged hard at her leash, lunged, and took a bite... just as a friend was taking a picture of the pretty cake! Such bad therapy dog behavior in a nursing home! 

I was quick to react, so she didn't get too much icing (and no cake). It took a lot of strength to reel her back to me -- she knew what she wanted. ("Loved loved loved that tasty treat!" But such an itty bitty nibble!") 

("I had to lick my face so fast, before you could wipe away my frosting!")  

She's never done anything like that before. This was her first taste of sugar. ("Oui! You've been giving me string beans every day and telling me they were treats! No, no! You cannot fool me ever again! Next time I see one of these giant fluffy cookies, it's all mine!")

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