Thursday, February 20, 2014

Chou Chou's Message: Microchip & Register!

("Here I am, out with my dog walker, going to the park. I heel well! Until I don't!")

("Even a perfect puppy like me might chase a squirrel! What if my dog walker, or my pawrent, drops my leash? What if I get lost? It could happen!")

("I almost got loose from the car once, trying to dash out before my leash went on!") 

("But I have a microchip, and I will get home!")

Chou Chou has a beautiful name tag on her collar. It gives my phone numbers on the back and says, "REWARD." She also has her city license and rabies tags. But tags can fall off. 

Even before Chou Chou arrived to live with me, she was microchipped. And it's registered, which means that the microchip number will pull up my name, address, and phone numbers. Without following up with the registration and keeping it current, the chip itself won't help you.

There is also a program run by the American Kennel Club for animal recovery, called AKC Reunite. Check out their services before your dog gets lost.

Briard Rescue Trust is dedicated to making sure that no briard like Chou Chou gets left in a shelter. Many breeds have rescue organizations. But don't let the dog of your heart need rescue. Be responsible -- microchip and register!

  ("Oui! No pup wants to be lost! We just want the squirrel!")

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photos by Janet Smith

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