Sunday, January 26, 2014


This is McKinley Park. Chou Chou walks a mile around the park with me, or her dog walker, almost daily and sometimes twice. As we walk on the sidewalk or on the running path, I take the opportunity to do some training.

I am teaching Chou that if she wants to sniff one of the trees that we pass, she has to sit first and look at me. Then I give her the release to go and sniff. She is doing pretty well with that.

But today, after sitting and looking at me and hearing my release, she decided to smell around the back of the tree and I didn't expect that. ("But why not? That's a normal thing for a puppy to do!") She yanked on the leash in the palm of my left hand as she turned - same kind of maneuver that hurt my middle finger, still swollen and painful, in December. This time, she caught my pinkie! Ouch! ("So maybe it's time to change how you hold my leash?")

I don't have many fingers left. She's not being a good puppy. (No, no! Wait! You said I sit nicely and look at you before I go to the tree! So I am 50% a good puppy!")

I took some Advil. 
*     *     *    *     *

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