Thursday, January 9, 2014

Not Quite Bald, But Not Good

Chou Chou looks so innocent, almost angelic, and sweet. So when she turns into a regular dog, I am surprised. My finger still hurts from when she yanked it on leash last month. And now ... I can't believe she did this! 

She got up on the grooming table to be brushed, and I noticed a clump of hair sticking up, a hairball on top of her head. Hmm... Her ears are clean, but she always wants me to rub them; they are itchy. Her dermatologist suggested antihistamines, so Chou Chou takes Benadryl. I take it, too. It's a lovely neighborhood, with tree-lined streets and a park; but for people (and dogs) with allergies, it's terrible. 

She must have been scratching while I was out for a couple hours, maybe aiming for her ear, not her head? I prepared to get the mat out with my fingers.

When I touched this teased mess of hair on top of her head -- worthy of a country music singer -- it came out in my hands. There was nothing to untangle. It was just hanging by a few hairs, torn out. I held the ball of tangled hair in my hand and felt sad and angry. I work so hard to keep her coat nice, with brushing and bathing, conditioners and supplements. And then she pulls it out! Why would she do such a doggy thing?

The top of her head is red from all the scratching. I sprayed a prescription medication on it (one that I have for her itchy ears). And there is so little hair in the middle of her head now, the barrette falls out. I will have to do a Donald Trump comb over. 

("I don't understand human pawrents: they ask why you did something! How would I know? Dog mothers never ask that question! They don't care why! So maybe I was itchy and I scratched? Doesn't everyone? I'm going to hide in my bed for a while, until she forgets about it!")

When I finished brushing, Chou Chou went upstairs to her bed. Maybe, sensing I'm upset, she feels guilty. ("Moi? How ridiculous!")

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photo by Janet Smith

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