Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Aftermath: Chou Chou in the News, and an Injured Finger

Puppy Therapy Day was a big hit with the students on campus, and a feel-good story for the media.  

Chou Chou and the other 5 therapy dogs were featured in the local newspaper and on four TV stations. ("One pronounced my name wrong! I am not a cha cha!") Friends called me to say they saw us in the news, and it was all very exciting.

She had a very successful day, tolerating 4 hours in the cold, 400 students with backpacks and skateboards, petting and rubbing and taking photos with their arms around her.

In the evening, I took Chou Chou outside for a potty break. She was on leash; I stopped briefly to look in the mailbox at the front door. Then -- after such a wonderful day of Chou being so good -- she unexpectedly turned into a dog! What's with that?! ("I am a dog!") She yanked on the leash, hard, and before I could let go of the leash completely, it caught on my finger. ("There was a little dog crossing in front of our fence! I had to run and see!") 

I had it x-rayed and it is not broken. But it is badly swollen, painful, and hard to bend. ("I did that? So sorry!") Now I have to do physical therapy exercises and ice it, to keep the finger from staying stiff. I will comply; I need this finger. So mad at Chou Chou! ("But I said I was sorry!")

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Flier by Sacramento State Student Health & Counseling Services

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