Saturday, November 9, 2013

That Volvo Again!

1979 Volvo. Sometimes it runs. Always an exciting adventure! Remember my 12/23/11 post, when Chou got locked in and I was locked out? 

Yesterday the tow truck came  to change the battery. I took Chou Chou outside to expose her to the noise and big truck. 

The tow truck driver wanted me to pop open the hood. I opened the car door and she pushed past me and jumped in. Let's roll!

No, she didn't drive. And that wasn't the end of the Volvo adventure, either, although I thought, "New battery! What could go wrong?" 

When the battery was installed, I put her in the back seat and we went to the vet to refill her heartworm prescription. When I got there, I joked to the vet that we made it... riding in the Volvo, but we got there. Ha!

On the way back, one freeway exit from home in bumper-to-bumper traffic, I stepped on the brake and the pedal went all the way down. I had no brakes. 

Good thing it was heavy traffic, because we were only going 30 mph; at that speed, in the slow lane, keeping a big distance between my Volvo and the car ahead of me, I could coast along slowly without  a need to brake. I was scared. But what would I do if I pulled off to the shoulder of the freeway? Call for help and put the big dog in a tow truck? I coasted, as Chou was lying peacefully across the back seat. 

My exit was coming up. I would have to go down a hill to a traffic light. What if the light's red? Am I going to run the light and have an accident because I can't stop? Very scary.

I took the exit off the freeway and put my foot on the brake hard. My foot sank down, but at the end, I had a little bit of braking power left. I was able to stop at the traffic light, then turned left, and slowly made my way 4 blocks straight ahead and into my long driveway, pushing hard on the brake to stop before I hit my Mini Cooper. The Volvo stopped. We were safe. 

I got out with Chou Chou and went in the house. I called the Volvo repair shop -- they know me well -- to arrange an appointment to fix the car. It will be towed there. I was so glad to be safely out of the car!

("We had no brakes?! Really?! You didn't tell me that!")

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