Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Behavioral Consultation

Chou Chou and I met with a veterinary behaviorist today. There are only 60 board certified behavior specialist vets in the entire country! 

I need help with alleviating her anxieties, since she was attacked a few weeks ago. Sure, I know how to do counter conditioning and gradual desensitization -- I taught that to university students -- but it's not working (or not working fast enough). I asked if Chou Chou might need short term medication.

I filled out a behavior survey, so the doctor could evaluate the cause and extent of the problem. Chou did not become afraid of people, fortunately, and she did not become aggressive. But she jumps at noises now, and is on alert a lot of the time. I want her easy-going playful personality back! I hate that rhodesian ridgeback ... and the owner who did nothing when his dog attacked!

So Chou will begin taking Anxitane, a non prescription pill with no known side effects that lessens anxiety. The doctor gave me lots of journal articles to read (I like homework), including clinical trials of Anxitane,  a green tea extract. And if it doesn't work, Chou will take Prozac. And I will continue taking her everywhere I can and giving lots of treats. ("That part sounds good to me!")

I worked hard over the last year to get her pain-free from hip dysplasia. If we can overcome that, we can overcome PTSD. We start right now!

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