Monday, July 1, 2013

Chou Chou's Summer Q & A

("I know I'm cute, but you can't have me!")

Q: I read that in Sacramento it's been over 100 degrees for several days! What do you do when it's so hot?

A: ("Oui! Too hot for playful pups! I take daytime naps and play outside at night." 

"And I pose for photos in my chapeau magnifique, made just for me! It can keep the sun out of my eyes, but my pawrent says it's an inside pretend hat. ")

Q: Do you play with your friend Toffee every night?

A: ("No, no. Some nights I have to do my hair! Wash and blow dry and brush and comb. My teeth are brushed, my ears cleaned, and my toenails trimmed. Then I am ready to roll in the grass and run through the mud!")

Q: Really? You don't mind getting dirty?

A: ("No, no! But I don't like drinking dirty water. My pawrent and I went to a restaurant and they gave me a bowl of water -- it had hair in it from another dog! I looked and refused! My pawrent asked for clean water, and I drank that. The waiter was surprised. Why is that? Would he drink hairy water?")

Q: Besides hairy water, is there anything else you don't like?

A: ("Cat people!")

Q: Cat people?

A: ("I walked over to someone and waited to be petted, and she screamed for me to go away and said she's a cat person! That's happened a couple of times. What does that mean? Cat person?")

Q: Do you have any plans for summer adventures?

A: (Oui! This weekend I am taking a road trip -- to Ventura, to a dog show! It will be cooler there! Meanwhile, I have my fan!")

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