Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Worrisome Development

I've been worried about Chou Chou recently. She startles at noises and barks if a dog gets near her. She has never been reactive -- always playful and curious.

But, little by little, I see it and have to acknowledge that she might have been affected emotionally by being attacked by the rhodesian ridgeback a few weeks ago. Her wounds have healed, but sometimes dogs have lingering anxieties that come on slowly, PTSD, just like a soldier who is injured in battle. 

I am working on her new anxieties with lots of treats (the behavioral conditioning methods I've taught in my psychology classes for many years), but that may not be enough; she may need a short course of medication for anxiety. Dogs are like people! I have an appointment with a board certified behavioral veterinarian on July 10. 

Meanwhile, Chou is scheduled to be in a dog show and we are driving there tomorrow ... 2,600 dogs ... it will either be very good for her, or scare her to death. I'm betting on the positive. 

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