Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Activities of May

Ever since Chou Chou was attacked at the schoolyard, I am reluctant to (ever) take her back there. That aggressive dog could come back. So we play in my yard at night instead of the schoolyard. It's small, but it's safe. 

She runs after her glowball in the dark, and is also happy to sit and watch the people walking by with their dogs. ("And sometimes Toffee comes to run and wrestle!") Of course we also take walks around the park during the day and short trips in the car. ("Oui! I go to underwater treadmill!")

My mom is recovering from pneumonia and is regaining her strength at a rehab center. Chou Chou comes with me on my visits. She heels nicely and moves confidently between walkers and wheelchairs. She brightens my mom, and maybe others, too, who see her and pet her. ("They tell me I'm cute, so I like going there!")

We didn't go to the Briard Specialty in Pomona last weekend, even though I registered Chou for the show. It was not a good time to leave my mom for several days, Chou was still healing from the bite wound on her face, and it would have meant driving 8 hours each way on Memorial Day weekend. Last year I enjoyed the time with my friends and seeing other briards -- and Chou Chou won a beautiful First Place ribbon -

- but I flew there and back while Chou rode with a handler and the other dogs. ("That was the bad part!")

When I decided not to go, I asked my briard friend if she would mind entering Chou Chou in the raffle. I won last year and I love my briard pin, a tote bag with a sheep design,  a  dog bone-patterned towel and a matching treat pouch ("Oui! That's my favorite!"), and more. All this for $10 (for 15 tickets). There are many prizes and I thought everyone wins, but she said no, she's never won. So she entered Chou in the raffle... and I won again ... but she didn't again. ("That's so sad!") I will find out what I won the next time I see her. ("We hope it's another, bigger treat bag!")

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