Thursday, June 27, 2013

An Ordinary Day

("Don't think I just sit around like this all day long! I'm a busy briard girl!")

Once a week, Chou Chou goes to her underwater treadmill therapy. She runs for 45 minutes on the treadmill, splashing in water, as treats are dangled in front of her to eat. ("They have the most tasty treats!")

Her dog walker comes twice a week. They walk around the park a couple of times, 2 miles. ("But I have to go home early when I pant and my ears turn red because I'm too hot!") Janet likes to take photos of Chou Chou; she says she likes to see her clients smiling at her. 

Almost every day, Chou accompanies me to visit my mom in  a rehab facility, where she is recovering from pneumonia. Chou Chou has become an honored guest there; if I don't bring her, the staff and patients (and my mom!) are disappointed. She walks confidently around wheelchairs and walkers, gurneys and food carts. ("But the vacuum is loud and scares me!") 

At night, after it cools down, I take her for a walk, we play pull, or I throw the ball around the yard. She runs to get it and brings it to me... or she drops the ball near the fence, and it rolls out of the yard. Traffic stops while I run into the street to retrieve it. ("Oui! Such fun to watch you fetch my ball! I love that game!")

And several evenings a week, she plays with Toffee. They are learning to play tug together, with Toffee's toy. ("He chews on the ball end, but I like the rope! Can I have a toy like that?")

She wears a drag lead because I am training her not to bark and run at the dogs that walk past the house: when a dog is coming, I can catch her with the drag lead and keep her from charging the fence. ("Love to jump out and scare  those little dogs! Why not? It's my yard!") 

Sometimes we go to a pet store, or the cleaners, or sit at a table outside a restaurant while I have a snack. ("If something tasty falls down, it's mine!")

At night, Chou Chou sits with me while I read or use the computer, or she watches an occasional TV show. ("I love the Westminster dog show, but the other shows ... meh. I ignore them.") 

And sometimes, I go places without her! ("And you don't know what I do when you are gone!")

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