Sunday, April 7, 2013

Chou Is Two!

Happy Birthday, Chou Chou!

My beautiful Chou is 2 years old. We've been through so much together in the 22 months she's lived with me. 

My cute teddy bear of a pup turned into a teenage terror for a while, settled down with maturity and lots of training (and patience), entered dog shows, started physical therapy for hip dysplasia, and now she's a happy, active, and gentle companion. There are many more adventures ahead!  

It was Chou's day. First, I gave her some birthday gifts from friends. One was a snuggly toy, from her vet, that she carried around in her mouth from room to room. She never did that with a toy before. ("I am mothering it!")

We played in the yard with her ball and tug toys, but really all she wanted to do was eat the clover. ("Not the clover. Just the tasty little flowers!") I left the lawn unmowed this week for her.

Then we took a walk around the park. Chou Chou is funny. In the past, while I was training her not to pull towards other dogs, I told her to Leave It, and I paired the command with a treat whenever she looked away from the dog and looked at me. Today she was trotting along beside me, no other dogs around, and then for no reason, she turned to look at me with an open-mouthed grin. ("Oui, reason!") She continued trotting and looking at me, big smile ... so okay, Good Heal, I gave a treat. ("See? Reason! I trained you!") 

We took a ride to a pet store and I bought her a very special cookie treat ("Peanut butter! Two cookies, because I am two!"). 

Then we went to visit my mom; she gifted Chou Chou to me and loves watching her grow up.

The day wasn't over; as the sun went down, it was time to run with Toffee, Zoom, and Daisy at the playground.

Happy Birthday, Chou Chou!

("Am I still a puppy?")
You will always be my puppy. 

*     *     *     *     *

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Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Chou Chou. Puppy Forever!