Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chou Chou Likes to Eat

When Chou was 6 months old, I bought her new food bowls. She sneaked up to the bowls, a little afraid. But not for long! She loves her kibble. Unfortunately, she eats other things, too...

("When I was a little baby, I loved to eat the grass, especially those tasty roots! Loved the dirt, too!")

("Then I got older and preferred sticks! Still do!")

("One of my favorite snacks is a tasty camellia flower! I like the pink ones best!")

("The camellias are almost gone. How sad! But now I have clover to eat! Not the leafy part. I'm a flower girl. I like to nibble the little heads off!") 

("And I really, really love my dinner!")

But no kibble and veggies for Chou Chou tonight. Not even treats. She has a very upset stomach -- maybe from those sticks and flowers -- and the vet said she has to eat a bland diet: cottage cheese and rice for a few days. ("Oui! I love that, too!")

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