Monday, March 4, 2013

Another Graduation

("School is fun!")

Chou Chou has been going to Intermediate Obedience Class at Petsmart for 6 weeks. She passed Advanced Obedience last year, earning her AKC Canine Good Citizen title. I signed up for this class as a refresher on obeying commands, like Stay, with distractions. And in a pet store, there are lots of distractions. 

But the main distraction was a young puppy in her class named Bodie. There were 5 other dogs in the class, but these two became buddies. Instead of listening to the instructor, who was holding her, Chou Chou and Bodie kept inching closer to each other to play. 

Despite their inattention, Chou Chou (and Bodie) graduated anyway. Chou earned a perfect score of 25 points ("Don't forget my 2 bonus, extra credit points!) 

The next step for Chou might be Therapy Dog training. With me being a psychologist and Chou being a charmer, I think we'd be a good team. I will look for a trainer. 

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