Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chou Chou's Q & A

Q: Your hair looks different colors in different pictures. Are they photoshopped?

A: ("No, no shopping! Briards change colors. I was a dark, reddish little puppy, and now I am a big puppy in my 'light phase.'") 

("But I am starting to get darker again. It's très chic for girls to change hair color!")

Q: Do you have any new favorite things?

A: ("Oui! I have a new fire hose tug toy. Even better than my rope toy!") 

Q: Any trips lately?

A: ("Oui! I went to my regular vet today. Not fun! I got a booster vaccination. Then a toenail clip pedicure. Then my itchy ears were flushed to get wax out... too squishy!")

("But better when leaving! I stood up on the counter while my pawrent turned away and paid the bill, and I ate all their little cookies. Ha! I am a happy puppy when people leave bowls of treats on counters!")

Q: Speaking of pedicures, you have really big feet!

A: ("Merci! I have extra toes - dewclaws. One on each front leg, and two on each rear leg. It's a briard thing. Good for quick turns chasing sheep! Good for hanging onto tops of counters!")

Q: Have you learned any new tricks?

A: ("Oui! I learned Peekaboo. I go behind pawrent, walk between her legs, and bow. Easy to do and I trained her to give me a tasty treat!")

("Peekaboo doesn't work with everybody. So sad! I went through Mary's legs, when Toffee was playing here, but no treat. She just got startled and jumped. I will train her better!")

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