Monday, February 4, 2013

A Walk, a Chore, and a Dog Training Class

After our walk around the park ("I'm a friendly puppy! Why do the geese at the pond hiss at me?"), we went back to the cleaners today. Chou Chou immediately jumped up on the counter -- she remembered the special treats she was offered last time.

She was not disappointed. The treat was offered, placed on the counter. But wait! She went to put her mouth around it and the treat slipped away! The counter had just been waxed and it was slippery. Even her big paws were slipping off. She was hopping up with her hind legs; she would have climbed all the way up on the counter if she could have. 

She persisted, of course, and after several tries, got the treat in her mouth. And then another. And another. ('Love that cleaners!")

Then we were off to our next appointment, Intermediate Obedience Dog Training Class, with our favorite dog trainer, Ben at PetSmart. Chou has already earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen title from the advanced class, but she skipped the intermediate level. 

I believe in lifelong learning ("Because you are a professor... and I'm Teacher's Pet!"), so even if some of the class exercises are easy for her, this class stresses obedience  in the presence of distractions, and what dog couldn't use more training for that? Just being in PetSmart is challenging: crowds of people, large shopping baskets, other dogs walking by, and lots of fun stuff on low shelves that she can sniff and reach. She knocked over some small bags of cat treats ("Nice smells! But you didn't buy it for me. So sad.") and she pawed at a bag of dog food before I pulled her away ("How else can I open it? I just needed more time!")

The class tonight was a lesson in coming when called ("I am good at that!") and heeling at fast and slow speeds ("I am sometimes good at that!")

And now she is tired and sleeps while I write. 
("Good night, Furiends!")

*     *     *     *     *

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