Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Doing Chores Together

It was a leisurely day today, no appointments. I went to the post office, the bank, and food shopping. I felt badly that Chou was spending much of the day by herself. So I took her with me to my next chore, to drop off some clothes at the cleaners.

She's come with me to the cleaners before, when she was a small puppy. She enjoyed looking into the mirrors.  It's a dog-friendly place -- there is a chihuahua who hangs out in the back office. This cleaners is the best in my area; they specialize in bridal dresses and other delicate items, so you wouldn't necessarily expect a dog there.  

There were treats behind the counter, a gift from a customer to the little dog (who didn't like them). Chou Chou was offered one. As soon as she saw it, she jumped up and put her paws on the counter. She'd never done anything like that before. It must have hurt too much before, because of the hip dysplasia. But look at her now! All the physical therapy, supplements, and exercise have made such a difference. A friend of mine commented on the photo: "Now she can go into a bar and order her own drink."

Chou took the treat but wouldn't get down. She was offered another. Then another. ("They were Chihuahua-sized, but very tasty!") And then it was time to leave. ("Love this cleaners!  And we'll be back soon -- you have to pick up your clothes!") 

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