Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chou Chou's Q & A

Q: I read that you live with a cockatoo. Do you like her?

A: ("She's cute... but she won't let me herd her. She hops in circles on the floor and laughs at me. And she barks when the doorbell rings. Barks! That's my job!")

Q: So you'd rather have a dog to play with?

A. ("Oui! Oui! I am expecting a playmate soon!")
Not a chance, Chou.

Q: Your hair clips are cute!

A: ("That's not a question, but merci. My hair is clipped back so I can see.") 

Q: Your profile says you like to be brushed..... really?

A: ("Oui. The brush finds the itchy spots on my back that I can't reach. Aaah, feels good! Love the vanilla/mint toothpaste, too. My pawrent does the hard work, then I get two treats.") 

Q: Why two?

A: ("Better than one!")

Q: How much do you weigh?

A: ("A very rude question to ask mademoiselle!")
Chou weighs 61 lbs. and is sticking to her diet.

("Do I have to answer these questions?")

Yes. You wanted a blog and if people write to you, you need to answer.

("But not at one time.")

True. Not all at once.

("Okay. Done, Fini.")

Merci, Chou Chou.

*     *     *     *     *
photo by Janet Smith

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