Friday, September 14, 2012

What Is Bad and What Is Good

Chou Chou's Adequan injections, physical therapy, and supplements seem to be helping her! 

She didn't waggle her tail much until now. I didn't worry about that, because her face always looked happy and she was playful with her front paws. So maybe her hips were hurting her before. She's waggling now.

We continue laser therapy and underwater treadmill and Chou runs longer and faster each week, with a long stride. That's good. 

But she has been pouncing on people at the dog park lately, and that's bad. She hasn't done that since last December; I thought I had trained her not to do that! So it turns out that she wasn't trained, just stopped because her hips hurt? 

And Chou Chou has started to "counter surf" -- to jump up with front paws on counters to try to get food. She's never jumped up on anything before and now she does. The physical therapy vet at U.C. Davis thinks that's great: it shows that her hips are getting better, and it's good for her back legs and hips to stretch out like that. Jumping on people and stealing food? Good for her hips? Really? Running up and down the stairs is good, too. 

Looking back at the Pomona dog show, when Gracie the briard jumped on my bed at the motel, and Chou Chou just looked up at her, wanting to play, maybe Chou wasn't jumping because it hurt too much? ("I told you it was ouch-y, remember?")

And the vet asked me to buy a harness that connects to the leash in the back... so Chou can pull me. Pulling is good for her hips. ("Walks to the park are fun now!")

So, bad behaviors that I have been training away are now good? ("I win!") She is feeling better. Well then, I guess, okay?

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