Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Bandages Come Off

The doctor said the claw would heal better if it is exposed to the air, so the bandages were removed today. 

I have to keep the wound clean and dry, though, and keep her from licking it, so Chou still has to wear the cone.

We got permission from the vet to do water treadmill. Chou Chou went right into the tank and the water started to fill up; we wondered if she would try to float again. Nope. She lifted all her paws and started to swim. ("Doggie paddle is fun! But this pool is too small.") 

They took much of the water out, and then Chou was ready to trot on the treadmill. She went for 16 minutes, up to 2 mph. A good workout. She's getting stronger. 

To keep the claw clean and dry as the vet advised, I brought my hair dryer. I didn't care if her hair stayed wet, but that foot was dry when I was done. She's so good natured and puts up with anything I do, even a very noisy hair dryer blowing on her hurt paw. 

Then back in the cone for the ride home.

*     *     *     *     *

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