Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chou Chou Goes for a Swim

I often go to lunch with my friend, who retired from her career as the psychology department's graduate students' coordinator at CSU, Sacramento. We've been close for many years. As we talked, I told her about Chou Chou's hip dysplasia and the physical therapy. I mentioned that swimming was recommended to me as good exercise for Chou, but I don't have a pool. 

And I don't know anyone with a pool. Lynda corrected me. I do know someone with a pool -- I just didn't know she had a pool. And she invited Chou Chou to come over to swim. She and her husband used to enjoy swimming with their dog, who died a few years ago. She thought her husband might enjoy swimming with Chou; she would ask him. And he said yes.

So I bought her a life jacket that I could return. I had low expectations, and didn't expect her to like the water. Well, she took one look at the pool... and jumped in! A natural doggie paddler. So good for her hips and very cute.

They taught her where the pool steps are. She spent time in the water, then she came out using the steps, came up to me, and shook herself off; then she jumped back in the water. She is a big, shaggy dog and I was soaked. She did this a few times. Maybe she thought I was enjoying it. ("Such a hot day! I was cooling you.")

When she'd had enough swimming, she came out of the water energized and ran around their large yard. She jumped over a large hedge, twice! Her hips are getting better.

The weather has been over 100 for about a week. Hate it! But at least the puppy dried fast.

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