Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Need to Know

From the beginning, I could see that Chou Chou runs a little off-kilter. Mimi was poetry in motion; I loved to watch her run. But Chou Chou moves like a bear, she lumbers -- cute, but kind of odd for a briard. 

When she runs towards me, she seems crooked, and she sits with her hip swaying out sometimes. 

I had her examined when she was just 10 weeks old, and was told it was just puppy stuff; she's fine. But it continued to nag at me.

A few months ago, I took her to the vet again, for an orthopedic vet consultation. He manipulated her hips; yes, he said, her hips were loose, but many puppies outgrow it as their growth plates tighten. He recommended that I wait until she is two years old and then have x-rays taken. My contract with the breeder says I have to do x-rays at that time, so the orthopedic vet said wait until then.  

A couple weeks ago, I sent a video, of Chou playing, to some briarders. One wrote back that, reluctantly, she was giving an unsolicited opinion: Chou might have a problem with her right hip. 

That was confirmation of what I've been observing, so I went back to the vet today. I want x-rays now. I don't want to wait until she is two. Even if we do nothing about whatever may be found, I want to know. 

Chou is entered in the Ventura dog shows next weekend. She will ride down with the original handler who was with her at the Sacramento show, the handler who teaches the handling class we attend once a week. We scheduled the x-rays for July 12, after the shows.

I hope I am wrong and she's fine. But I want to know.

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