Thursday, June 7, 2012

Merci, Chou!

My home is on a busy street, and a couple blocks away, there is a large park. So people and dogs are constantly walking by my fence. 

I've met many neighbors I didn't know before; they see Chou and stop to talk. I've made some good friends that way!

One couple, with 2 dogs, told me that the neighborhood dogs play in the fenced school playground in the evenings. That's right around the corner. I didn't know about it! I started going there with Chou Chou and liked it. There are only a few dogs, almost always the same dogs, and most are puppies like Chou; it's safer than a dog park, more controlled, and I meet my neighbors. And I don't have to drive 40 minutes anymore just to let Chou run.  

Chou Chou has found puppies she likes to wrestle with, especially Hugo. 

As the sun goes down, she heads for the door and lays down on the rug in front of it. She knows we go to the playground when the temperature cools down at dusk. She waits for me to get the leash. 

Tonight a new dog came into the schoolyard, and for whatever reason, walked right up to me, stared, and started barking. I wasn't afraid, but he didn't look friendly, either.

After 3 barks, Chou came running and barking from somewhere behind me, cut between me and the threatening dog, and shoved the other dog aside while she barked at it. The other dog left. Chou Chou went off to play with her friends again. 

She was protecting me!

*     *    *     *     *

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