Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Chou Chou is entered in the Pomona dog shows, including the Briard Specialty. I had such a good time at the Sacramento show last month, I am showing her again. 

And I really want to meet all the briarders and their dogs at the speciality. It will be a treat to see so many briards together! My friends are going with their briards, too. 

Unfortunately, I had to find another handler. Mike is not going to these shows. I was lucky to find someone at the last minute, but we did not meet in advance. She is taking about 14 dogs(!), but she accepted Chou. At least when the expenses get divided, there are a lot of dog owners to share expenses with me. I am flying down (hate driving) and will meet up with Chou Chou in Pomona.

I washed Chou yesterday, groomed her well, and brought her to the new handler today; she will ride down to Pomona with the other dogs. I was apprehensive about leaving my puppy, not knowing this handler at all, but she was recommended to me. I can't wait to get there and see Chou again! 

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