Friday, April 6, 2012

Another Bed

Chou is out of the upstairs crate and has a new bed. Each bed has been bigger, more elaborate, and more expensive than the one before it. This is another Orvis memory foam bed, a bolster bed. 

When he delivered it, the UPS driver said, "This is the 3rd memory foam bed I've delivered this week. These dogs sleep better than I do!"  ("And his point was...?")

How big is it? One bolster side is against the edge of my bed, making it hard to get out of my bed without stepping on hers, and the other side is up against my dresser, which I cannot open without pushing her bed out of the way - and it's heavy. Basically, she is taking up my whole bedroom. ("Is it my fault that your house is too petite? And that little Mini Cooper you squeeze me into? I need more space!")

And Chou Chou likes the house colder than I do. ("Furry puppies get hot. You can wear a sweater.") So she has a private fan. 

("Très Cool!")
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