Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cal Expo, Last Day

I am glad I let Mike do the handling; it's fun to watch and take pictures, but the thought of running around with Chou in front of lots of people is too intimidating to me. I prefer to watch and say, "That's my dog out there!!"

But Chou Chou showed stress today that she didn't show before. Claude and Steve, my briard friends, said that's common; several days in a row is hard for a puppy. She balked as the herding group judge looked her over. 

And Chou is going on a diet. You are supposed to feel a dog's ribs; I can barely feel them and she waddles slightly. So less kibble and added raw veggies. She enjoyed her string beans last night. I commented on this on the briard listserv and my veggie comment became a discussion -- apparently many people do this. All the chubby briards! 

I am reading a book called Show Dog and just got to the part where the show dog is told he's too fat! This must be like being a human runway model. 

Chou Chou is so tired!! Now she can go back to being a dog and getting dirty. But I bet she will miss Mike's special treats!

All in all, over the two days, I know she was shown at her best and looked beautiful. No points, three more ribbons. I call this a self-esteem show. I'm very proud of her!

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